What happens when you can’t do something for yourself , or worse yet are unable to ask for help? Well, my daughter would tell you, if she could speak.

A one in a million chance left her without a voice and unable to do anything for herself.

“That’s sad, but how does that affect me?”  I hear you ask.

Well, let’s forget about the social and economic costs for now and look at how many people have strokes or develop Multiple Sclerosis or break their necks or any of the other things that may happen.

As much as none of us like to think about these things, they happen. And currently, if it did happen you would be left feeling isolated and out of control.

That is where we come in, we want to give every person in this situation a voice. We plan to do this with our unique system which translates eye and body movements, non-verbal sounds and other things into speech or text and even allows the user to control connected devices.

So, if you think this sounds like a good idea, then support us any way you can from spreading the word to monetary support to donating your precious time.

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